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For a small monthly fee, the State Records Center will retain your temporary paper records and keep track of authorized destruction dates, so that you will not have to worry about records disposition. The records center staff also provides archival boxes for the transfer of permanent records to the Alabama Department of Archives and History (ADAH) and helps transport those permanent records to ADAH. For more information, click on the topics below.

Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00
Address: Gunter Park, Montgomery, Alabama
Phone: 334-277-9898
Fax: 334-277-9454
$ .76 cents per box per month starting October 1, 2024

The State Records Center charges seventy-six cents (.76) per standard records center box or cubic foot/per month for storage starting October 1, 2024. When considering where to store your inactive temporary records, at either the state records center or a private records storage provider, be sure to calculate charges associated with retrieval and destruction, as the State Records Center does NOT charge for these services.

The State Records Center provides storage and reference services for state agency records that have been approved by the State Records Commission. These records must be retained to fulfill administrative, legal, and/or fiscal requirements prior to final disposition. Your agency must have an approved Records Disposition Authority, and an Interagency Records Storage Agreement with the Alabama Department of Archives and History (ADAH), in order to use the State Records Center's services. Records should only be transferred when they are no longer needed in the office on a regular basis.

  • Consult leaflet: Transferring Temporary Records to the State Records Center
  • Identify retention of temporary records on agency Records Disposition Authority
  • Contact State Records Center to request transfer
  • Order appropriate sized boxes from the State Records Center
  • Pack only one records series, such as complaint files, per box
  • Ensure records are organized (date, alphabetical, id number) and clearly identified to ensure ease of access
  • Prepare and adhere box labels
  • Complete State Records Transmittal Form
  • Contact State Records Center to arrange delivery
  • Determine who in your agency will be able to request records (Access Authority)
  • Maintain documentation provided by State Records Center so that you can request records as necessary
The State Records Center only provides access to those individuals authorized by your agency. When transferring records, your agency must complete an Agency Access Authorization Form. The State Records Center does not provide the public with access to your agency records.
Authorized representatives from your agency may request the return of records being stored in the State Records Center by using a Reference Request Form.
When your agency’s records stored in the Records Center are eligible for destruction as listed in your agency’s Records Disposition Authority or retention schedule, you will receive a Destruction Form to be signed and returned. You must first ensure that no litigation hold or other cause should prevent the destruction of otherwise eligible temporary records.
When your agency is ready to transfer permanent records to the ADAH, you must pack those permanent records in appropriate boxes to ensure their long-term preservation. Contact the Records Center at 334-277-9898 or to let them know how many boxes you will need. See procedures on transfer to the Archives.
  • Records Center Transmittal Form
    This transmittal form for temporary records should accompany all records transferred to the State Records Center. State Records Center staff are happy to review the transmittal forms prior to the transfer of the boxes. Records transfers should be scheduled with the Records Center staff in advance. Only pack one records series, such as complaint files, per box. Also, ensure that the records are organized (date, alphabetical, id number) and clearly identified to ensure ease of access. The Records Center advises when possible that you maintain, at a minimum, an excel spreadsheet with a file listing so that you can easily request your records if needed from the State Records Center.
  • Records Center Transmittal Form Continuation Page
    Use this Records Center Transmittal Form Continuation Page when you have many boxes that you want to transfer. This form provides additional space and should only be used in conjunction with the main Records Center Transmittal Form. Please also feel free to print an excel spreadsheet as an attachment if easier to complete; however, the top portion of the Records Center Transmittal Form must be complete in addition to the approval signature.
  • Records Center Access Authorization Form
    This form authorizes individuals within your agency to access transferred records. The State Records Center does not provide the public with access to your agency records.
  • Records Center Reference Request Form
    Use this form to request your temporary records from the State Records Center. Your agency is responsible for providing the location number for the box or files you are requesting. These location numbers were provided to you after transfer.
  • Records Center Destruction Notice Form
    State Records Center staff complete this form when your temporary records housed at the State Records Center are eligible for destruction. Your agency’s records will not be destroyed until the State Records Center receives the signed destruction form. Many records centers charge for destruction; however, the State Records Center has incorporated that cost into the per box/per month charge.