Transfer Permanent Records

How to Transfer Paper Permanent Records to the Alabama Department of Archives and History (ADAH)
Download Instructions as a PDF Temporary Custody Receipt Form
  • Identify that the records have been listed as permanent on your agency’s Records Disposition Authority
  • Contact ADAH at to obtain boxes
    • ADAH provides the boxes for permanent records transfer at no cost to your agency
  • Place only one type of record per box, even if it does not completely fill the box
    • Ex. “Meeting Minutes” should be a in a separate box from “Publicity Files”
  • Ensure records are organized systematically (for example by date, alphabetically, numerically, by ID number, etc.)
  • Pack the records in the box on the long side (15-inch side) single file as if they are all legal sized folders (see example)
    • Packing this way will use more boxes but ensures their long-term preservation
    • Do NOT place any folders down the sides of the box or on the top of the other folders
  • Consider these preservation concerns when packing:
    • All documents must be in identified file folders (no loose papers)
    • No rubber bands
    • Documents should be removed from three-ring binders and placed in labeled file folders
  • Create file folder listing
    • ADAH will send a sample Excel spreadsheet for you to create a file folder listing of the contents of your permanent records transmittal
  • Place temporary labels on the boxes
    • Use Post-It notes and secure with tape to identify the contents of each box
    • ADAH will create permanent labels later
  • Email file folder listing to and notify ADAH so that we can pick up the boxes
    • The email may include any potential privacy concerns you would like ADAH to take into consideration
    • ADAH will fill out a temporary custody receipt form with you when picking up the boxes
    • The permanent records transmittal form will be emailed to you for signature after review

The Code of Alabama 1975, 41-13-21 charges the State Records Commission with the responsibility of determining which state records shall be preserved permanently because of historical value. As the support staff for the SRC, staff members in Appraisal help classify records in the appraisal process through researching the agency’s history, functions, and record practices; examining the agency’s records and assessing their value; grouping records by function and subfunctions and determining the appropriate disposition guidelines for the records; and submitting the draft Records Disposition Authority with the permanent records list to the State Records Commission for review and approval. Preservation of the historical documentation of Alabama government is one of the main functions of Alabama government.

Forms for Transferring Permanent Records