State Historical Records Advisory Board

The Alabama State Historical Records Advisory Board (SHRAB) provides leadership and guidance to identify, preserve, and provide access to Alabama’s historical records. The Board also promotes a strengthened awareness of the importance of historical records to policy makers and to the public, and it serves as the agent in Alabama of the National Historical Publications and Records Commission.

SHRAB is responsible for serving as a state advisory body for historical records planning and for coordinating the development, review, submission, and implementation of NHPRC and other grant-funded records projects developed and carried out within the state for the preservation and use of Alabama’s historical records.


The SHRAB performs the following duties:

  • Develop state priorities for historical records as part of a state board plan under program guidelines from the NHPRC
  • Promote an understanding of the role and value of historical records in Alabama
  • Solicit and develop proposals for NHPRC or other grant projects
  • Foster and support cooperative networks and programs dealing with historical records
  • Review and monitor the operation and progress of projects in the state financed by NHPRC grants
  • Advise the state archives and other statewide archival, records, or information agencies
  • Advise the NHPRC on archival issues of interest to the archival community in Alabama
  • Provide programs for Alabama repositories to assist them in efforts to preserve and promote appreciation for Alabama’s historical records

Archives Month
October is American Archives Month, an occasion for emphasizing the importance of records in our daily lives and for promoting greater awareness of the vital functions performed by archival repositories.
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State Coordinator:
Steve Murray
SHRAB Staff:
Becky Hebert