The Week of September 20-24, 2004

Workers taped windows in preparation of painting the exterior. Duct and electrical rough-in work continued in the history classroom. Trim and cabinet work continued in the lobby and reference room, and wood blocking began in the restroom on the third floor. Workers began elastomeric coating on the north side of the exterior. Caton Accoustical unloaded material and started work on the third floor. Sheetrock finishers continued working in the Hale Room. Core locks were installed in the sub-basement and basement. Punchlist work continued throughout the building and painting began in the Hale Room.

The Week of September 13-17, 2004

The Week of September 7 -- 10, 2004

Start up of dessicant units beagn. Walter Hopkins arrived on the job to start shelving work. Workmen began installing ceiling tile in the history classroom and began assembling the main desk in the reference room. Punchlist work continued in the basement and sub-basement. High pressure duct installation began on the third floor. Pipes were painted in the H&R building. Crews began taping of windows on the NE side of the building in preparation for starting elastomeric coating.

The Week of August 30 - September 3, 2004

The build-out of the third floor continued. The work involved hanging and framing of sheetrock, top-out plumbing, insulating pipes, relocating sprinkler heads, etc. Trim work in the reference room and lobby area on the first floor continued also. Permanent doors were hung in the basement in preparation for shelving to be delivered on 9/7/04. State Building Commission and architechts perfomed an inspection on Sept. 2nd. HVAC, drywall, sprinkler and electrical work continued in the history classroom. Johnson Control worked on miscellaneous security items.

Updated: October 6, 2004
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