The Week of September 22-27, 2003

On Monday, contractors continued rough-in of electrical pipe in the sub-basement, 1st floors and 2nd floors. Contractors framed bulkheads on the high mezzanine ceiling, lobby, and conference room. Other workmen roughed-in sprinkler pipe for the first floors and set windows and scaffolding. Cement block work, handrail work, window blocking along with patching, rubbing and grinding also took place on Monday. On Tuesday, workmen tested duct zone areas, set roof drains, roughed-in pipe in the sub-basement, 1st floor mezzanine, 2nd floor bulk heads on the high mezzanine ceiling, lobby, first floor and 3rd floor. Rough-in sprinkler work on the third floor also took place. Workmen continued building scaffolding on the north side of the new wing. At the H & R building, the roof was cleaned, cement block work continued and they also cleaned man hole # 2. On Wednesday, saw cement block saw cutting started on the 3rd floor to cut through to the old building. Wood block work on the mezzanine, roof and the H & R building also continued. Workmen started assembling scaffolding on the West side of the site also. Handrails were received for the North stairs and workman prepared to put them in place. HVAC duct tests were performed and branches were cut in the ducts. Workmen roughed-in condenser pipe, worked on bulkheads in the high mezzanine ceiling, lobby, 3rd floor fire ceiling and dense board on the roof. On Thursday, scaffolding work continued on the north and west side, and handrails were roughed-in on the north stairwell. Workmen roughed-in insulation board at the H & R building, hangers on the 3rd floor, continued cement block work on the 2nd floor, continued saw cut work on the 3rd floor window, and also worked on wood block work the for mezzanine. On Friday, workmen completed the cut in the cement wall below the 3rd floor center window and removed a large piece of the concrete wall. Scaffold work continued along with rough-in of handrails on the north stairwell, rough-in of hangers on the 3rd floor, and cement block work on the 2nd floor. General patching, grinding and clean-up work continued.

The Week of September 15-20, 2003

Monday, contractors roughed-in the steam pipe loop to manhole # 2. Rough-in pipe work to the sub-basement, 1st floor, lobby bulkheads and the high mezzanine were also accomplished. Contractors set windows on the west side and assembled scaffolding on the north side of the building. Other workmen installed handrails' posts on the south stairwell and continued with cement block work on the 2nd floor and sub-basement. Insulation was unloaded onto the 3rd floor, while slab cut work was made on the west end areaway porch. On Tuesday, rough-in pipe work continued on the sub-basement and first floor along with bulkheads in the lobby, mezzanine and high ceiling. More handrail posts were installed on the south stairwell and insulation boards were on North side of the building. Work continued on the 3rd floor roof also. Contractors also installed flashing on the North side, cut out cement for handrails, roughed-in sprinkler pipes in the basement. Sawcuts were started for the North East handrails (8 three inch core holes). On Wednesday, workmen connected 12 " chill water at manhole # and roughed-in sprinkler pipe for the first floor. They worked on the roof, set windows on the south side and worked on cement block work in the sub-basement. More scaffolding was installed on the north side of the building and workmen waterproofed manhole # 2 and weather-proofed the North East side. Runouts were roughed-in in the basement and testing of ducts was made in RC1, 1st floor, mezzanine and the basement. Finally on Thursday and Friday, contractors worked on dry pack landing on the Southwest side, patched and grinded the walls and flooring, blocked windows, roof areas and performed general cleanup. They also continued with scaffolding on the North side of the building, insulated and dried-in the roof, worked on cement block in the sub-basement and set windows on the South side. Other contractors worked on bulkheads on the high mezzanine ceiling, lobby and sheathing.

The Week of September 8-12, 2003

This week contract workers installed "hatchannels" under the mezzanine, worked on bulkheads in the high ceiling, interior wall mezzanine and the 3rd floor frames. They roughed-in sprinkler pipes in the basement also. Five loads of sand were delivered for manhole # 2. Workmen started setting windows on the North side Monday and cement block build-up work continued on the sub-basement and the 2nd floor. Finally, workmen connected the 12" cold water pipe to the exterior joint in the tunnel. On Tuesday, workmen roughed-in chill water pipe in the tunnel while carpenters roughed-in the window set for the 2nd floor, North side. Rough-in of pipe continued on the 1st floor, basement along with rough-in of the sprinkler in the basement. On Tuesday, contractors started hanging sheetrock in the lobby and continued framing the bulkhead and mezzanine. Backfilling of manhole # 2 also continued. On Wednesday, sprinkler rough-in continued, and framers also worked on the bulkheads, research room, mezzanine and high ceiling. They also set windows on the 2nd floor. Cement block work also continued on the 2nd floor chase, along with window blocking for those floors. During the later part of the week, welding work started on the steam pipe from manhole # 1 to # 2. Temporary electrical lighting was put in place for all floors. Workmen set more windows on the 2nd floor North side and painters painted and primed the hollow metal frame for the 2nd floor. Workmen also worked on the high ceiling bulkheads, lobby and mezzanine. Cement block work continued on the 2nd floor and workmen also installed and secured areaway walls.

The Week of September 1-5, 2003

After being off on Monday for Labor Day, contractors continued laying cement block in the sub-basement. They also backfilled man-hole # 2, wood blocked the roof, and installed window blocks for the 2nd floor and mezzanine. They also performed work on the mezzanine, high ceiling, lobby ceiling, 3rd floor fire ceiling, and radius windows on the 3rd floor. They roughed-in exterior joints in the tunnel and roughed-in blow lines in the H & R building. Rough-in pipe work was also performed on the 1st floor, mezzanine, and basement. Other sub-contractors roughed-in duct work on the 2nd floor, mezzanine, first floor and vent air volume ducts in the basement. On Wednesday, they continued working on the 3rd floor radius window, mezzanine and high ceiling breaks. They roughed-in sprinkler pipes in the mezzanine also. Cement block work in the sub-basement also continued. Finally, on that day, workmen installed exterior joints in the chill water pipes at the tunnel level. On Thursday, work continued on the 3rd floor radius, headers and mezzanine. Waterproofing on manhole # 2 was started, but due to rain, was not completed. Rough-in of pipes on the 1st floor, mezzanine and basement continued also. On Friday, contractors continued work started on Thursday that had been halted due to rain.

Updated: October 3, 2003
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