Previous Weeks' Construction

The Week of May 24-28, 2004

During this period, contractors continued to work on Air Handler Unit 5 ducts, sub-basement plumbing and 3rd floor air handler ducts. Contractors cut joints for the lobby, plastered, hung and finished walls on the first floor. Trim work continued for the detail cut work on the lobby floor oval. Masons completed installing cement block frames for the elevator doors also. Outside the building, brown coat work and finished work continued on the south and west side of the building and the “tower”. Roof panel work commenced on the Heating and Refrigeration (H & R) building. Preparation work began to identify the source of the sink hole on the south side of the building in preparation for installation of new drains. A smaller sink hole was found near the Adams Ave steps and it is believed that the source for both hole are damaged storm drain pipes. This week, the Adams Ave. entrances were closed off and the Adams circular drive was demolished in preparation for new storm drain work and raising the South plaza. This work will take several months. Finally 8 large holes (approx. 6" in diameter) were core drilled in both the old and new building to accommodate power transfer lines between the two buildings.

The Week of May 17-21, 2004

This week contractors continued plastering walls and columns in the lobby. Wood trim was run on the first floor also. Craftsmen worked on the Z closures for the radius, panels and facia work. On the building's exterior, workmen continued installing coping on the south side of the building along with brown coat and finish coat around the building. Inside, painters started painting in the basement and upper floors. Elevator workmen installed elevator frames and the elevator door. Air Conditioning duct units were also installed on the 3rd floor. Frames for fans were built for the H & R building and riser duct work continued in the stairwells. Electrical work on plugs and outlets continued throughout the building. Workmen chipped out concrete in the threshold between the 2nd floor old and new wings. On Friday, Alabama Power met with electricians to plan for transfer of power between the new wing and the old building.

The Week of May 10-14, 2004

This week, contractors installed and insulated steam tanks along with the humidifier on air handler unit 3 in the H & R building. Electricians installed lights and miscellaneous power for the 2nd floor and also worked on telephone backboards on the sub-basements and first floor. Plaster work on the first floor walls and trim wood work in the ellipse continued. Flashing leaks were repaired on the H & R building. On the building exterior, lathe and brown coat work continued and later, part of the scaffolding was taken down on the south side of the building. The wing AC for the 1st, 2nd and mezzanine floors were restarted for test. A four-inch curb was formed and poured at the H & R building along with scupper cut-outs.

The Weeks of April 26-May 7, 2004

During the week of April 26 thru 30, the electrician contractors worked on installation of basement lights and plugs in RC 1 and the mezzanine. HVAC specialists ran drains, started the H & R building boiler up, and cleaned the chiller water system and steam lines and started up the water softener. Air handler unit drains to floor drains were roughed-in also. On the outside of the building, workmen continued on lathe brown coat work and installing metal studs. A partial new sidewalk was installed on the southeast side of the Adams Ave. entrance where that area had been excavated several weeks ago. Layout and measurements were taken for handrails also.

During the week of May 3 thru 7, plaster work on ceiling and walls along with work on the cornice continued on the first floor and mezzanine. Workmen started leaf, egg and dart work on the first floor lobby ceiling also. Coping was installed on the Northwest and Southwest towers and brown lathe work continued also. Tile flooring was installed in the women's bathroom along with work in the mezzanine bathroom. The third floor was insulated and floor drains set for the air handler units in the H & R building. AC duct and H & R cold water pumps and valves for chiller 2 were tested on line.

Created: June 3, 2004
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