The Week of January 24-31, 2004

Early this week contractors continued work on the DDS units on the 2nd floor, along with insulation for the sub-basement and 2nd floor. A problem occurred while pulling wire from RC1 on the construction side to basement side of the original building as some alarms went into a trouble mode. The electrical sub-contractor contacted the system alarm company to initiate repairs. Electricians also repaired pipes on the mezzanine and first floor and pulled wire there also. On Tuesday, contractors continued insulation. Electricians pulled wire for the electrical vault and continued pulling wire to upper floors for the fire alarms. They also started trim work for the plaster ceiling. On Wednesday, insulation work continued and later copper gutters were installed on the 2nd floor. More wires were pulled on the first floor and obsolete lights in the RC1 area (existing building) were removed. Metal stud framing and plaster trim installation work continued. Metal roof flashing was installed on the north side of the building also. Patch work, wood blocking of the roof and installation of access doors completed the day's work. On Thursday, work started on insulation of the tunnel to the first floor. Gutter work continued. Electricians installed plugs in RC1 and continued to remove old lighting there. Plaster trim work also continued. On Friday. metal flashing was installed in RC1 and plaster trim work continued as earlier in the week. Electricians continued their work as earlier in the week. Contractors roughed-in the valley and metal roof plates, and finally the week finished off with general clean up of the site.

The weeks of January 11-23, 2004

Early last week contractors started out by insulating the sub-basement and 2nd floor, installed copper gutters and risers for the building. Theypulled wire on the first floor and ran pipe on the basement floor, they repaired problems with the 3rd floor windows and hung sheetrock on several floors. Sprinkler pipes were also installed on the 3rd floor and metal supports for wall panels was installed on the building's southeast side. Hat channel was installed in stairwells also. RC1 was insulated and an access door in RC1 was moved to correct a problem. Scaffolding was set up on the West side and workmen started digging the trench for the data lines ductwork from the H & R plant to the vault. Wiring was pulled from the basement to panels. Wall panels were roughed-in on the South side of the building also. Duct work continued on the 2nd and 3rd floors and the sub-basement insulation work also continued. This week, clips were installed on the west side for studs and sprinkler pipes were installed on the North stairway. Digging of the vault/H & R trench also continued. Wall panels were installed on the North side of the building and large barrels were unloaded on site for the elevator installation pipes. Louvers were installed on windows and doors and they were caulked. Plumbers completed the prep work to install the sink and heater in the custodian's office, this side of our building. Finally, contractors unloaded on site the new building columns which will remain crated until their installation later.

The weeks of December 29 - January 9, 2004

Last week was a short week because of the holidays with contractors working on exit lights and running pipes for the HVAC system. Sheetrock was also hung on several floors. A topping was poured in the mezzanine and hat channel was installed in RC1. On Tuesday, duct work continued on the 2nd floor and sub-basement. Sheetrock work continued along with hat channel work in RC1. On Wednesday, ducts were insulated on several floors and wiring was pulled from the trans. vault to the 1st floor. Drywall work continued in the high-ceiling of the mezzanine and 1st floor. After the holiday, workmen continued with tasks in the previous week. On Monday, insulation was installed in the sub-basement and 2nd floors and dampers were grouted on the 2nd floor. Insulation was also installed in RC1. JESCO poured the Asford formula (flooring sealer) in RC1 while sub-contractors continued to pull wire from the trans. vault. Sprinkler pipe work continued on the 3rd floor. On Tuesday, the sub-basement was insulated and duct work continued on the 2nd floor and mezzanine. Sheetrock was hung on the 1st floor and ellipse. Scaffolding was unloaded to restart work on the west side of the building. Wall panels were also installed on the North side of the building. On Wednesday, insulation continued on the sub-basement and 2nd floor. Roof drains were cut in at the 3rd floor level today and windows were installed on the Northeast side of the roof by contractors. Sprinkler pipe was roughed-in on the same level. On Thursday, insulation continued on the sub-basement and 2nd floors and roof drains were run to basement floor panels. Sheetrock continued to be installed at the ellipse level. More windows were unloaded for installation on the North side of the building. On Friday, insulation work continued on ducts on the lower floors. Pipes were run for data to the first floor telephone frame run. Sheetrock was also hung on the first floor. The radius was also re-framed on the 3rd floor and sprinkler lines were roughed-in on that same floor. General cleanup finished the week.

Updated: February 13, 2004
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