December 2-6, 2002

This week contractors poured the south stair steps from the Sub basement to the basement. They also continued forming walls/columns and top tunnel walls. More dirt and sand was brought back onto the site to back and pack backfilling for the southwest corner. Brickwork continued on the upper elevaton on the H & R. building. That work should be complete within two weeks.

December 8-14, 2002

Construction proceeded for the new wing, despite a short period of rainy weather. Contractors poured the South wall for the basement level and also poured 10 columns at the basement level. They also backfilled the west side to support the foundation for the areaway. They constructed forms for the south stairs and the elevator walls for the basement level. They also continued with laying brick at the Heating and Refrigeration building along with waterproofing the west and north outside building walls.

December 15-21, 2002

Contractors completed backfilling around the west side of the new wing. They formed footings for the west end of the new wing wall and later in the week poured the west wall foundation . They also formed and poured columns for the first floor. At the site, south stairs/walls and elevator walls were poured for the first floor level. At the heating and refrigeration building, all brick work was completed this week (55,440 bricks in all!) and plumbing sub-contractors continued work on french drains around the H & R building. They also fabricated chill water pipe and hinge brackets in the new H & R building.

December 21-28, 2002

Last week, contractors completed setting two cooling towers in place on the roof of the H & R building. They also poured the south half of the west basement wall (new wing) and poured concrete for the north half of the basement level wall. Finally they worked on setting forms in place for the first floor level.

photo by Becky Post of JESCO, Inc.
photo by Becky Post of JESCO, Inc.
photo by Becky Post of JESCO, Inc.

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