The Week of August 23-27, 2004

This week's work continued to concentrate on the building's interior with a little work outside also. In the basement, contractors reworked angle ducts. Work also continued on the basement emergency lights and misc. power throughout the building. The History Classroom was framed-in and trim was installed in the ellipse. A pattern was constructed for the glass rail base and most of the glass rails were put in place. Columns were caulked also. Wood doors were primed in the building and sprinkler pipes on the mezzanine were painted. Wire was pulled from the communications room to the basement. First floor walls were roughed-in and dry wall finishing work on the 3rd floor continued. Work on framing up the history classroom also continued. Sprinkler pipe on the 1st and 3rd floors were removed and reworked. Gates were also installed on the south landing. The boiler drain was cleaned and inspected and workmen made cut-ins for the 1st floor sinks. Hollow metal doors were also installed on the 3rd floor. Sheet rock was hung on the 3rd floor also. Finally, the basement floor was prepared to correct a correct a few crack problems.

The Week of August 16-20, 2004

This week, contractors worked on drywall for the third floor and on the building exterior, continued to install columns on the north and west side of the building. Plumbing was finished for the 3rd floor and tested OK. Trim work continued in the hallway, bathroom and lobby. Elastomeric coating (paint) was applied on the west side of the building. Contractors continued to work on the Adams Ave. entrance plaza, installing rebar and cement block. Scuppers were installed in both the H & R building and the new Archives and History wing. Base rails in the radius were installed also. In RC1, contractors had to tear into existing building walls to revise duct work for that area. During this two-day period, there was no A/C or heat in the basement and 1st floor. On the third floor, workmen cut and installed angle and decking and roughed-in walls. The History classroom was also framed with studs later in the week. Installation of trim work continued in the ellipse .

The Week of August 9-13, 2004

Contractors worked on drain lines in the H & R building this week while other plumbers worked on the bathrooms in the new wing. In the Hale Room (patron lounge) floor electrical boxes were installed and work on lighting in the basement and sub-basement continued. Floor lighting in the History Classroom was also worked on. Contractors finished drywall work on the 3rd floor, exterior walls and trim work for the oval room and lobby. Work on the base rail started in the reference room and carpenters installed doors in the stairwell also. Columns on the North side of the building exterior were installed during this week also. Outside the Adams Ave entrance, cement block work continued to frame up the new Adams Ave entrance.

The Week of August 2-6, 2004

Contractors installed coreboard on the 3rd floor walls and laid out duct on that floor also. Installation of columns on the west radius and also on the north side of the building continued. Trim work in the reference room continued as well as in the mezzanine. Cabinets continued to be installed in the reference room also. The tunnel walls were sealed and painting continued throughout the building. Windows were reinstalled on the north and South-east side of the building also. Contractors also reinstalled lights in the old building. Footings were dug for the new Adams St. entrance. Walls were later installed in the 3rd floor area and wood trim work continued in the vestibule. Carpenters constructed door frames for the 3rd floor. Dry wall work also continued in the 3rd floor area and contractors worked on ducts under the 3rd floor (raised) area. Hat channel and metal stud work continued to progress on the 3rd floor. Painters worked on the radius ceiling in the reference room. Rebar was tied for the south plaza and then footings were poured. Glass was delivered for the mezzanine rails also.

Updated: September 3, 2004
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