Dr. to Felix Z. M. Connell

August 20th- To furnishing, 7150, rations of corn
             To furnishing 24594 rations of corn and Beef-
             To hire of wagons to haul 357 Native Creek Indians from
             Cherokee Nation to his encampment of Indians in Talladega, Ala.

We the undersigned a committee acting under the Authority of his Excellency
C.C.Clay Governor of the State of Alabama, appointed Felix Z. McConnell our
Agent to effect the desired object- viz. to relieve the starving condition
of the friendly Indians, &c. are of opinion that he recieved six cents per
ration for corn Rations, & sixteen cents for corn & Beef Rations-
Given under our hands & seals Dec.   1836
				Robt. Lawson
				W.D. Lovell

Source: Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, Alabama. Governor C.C. Clay administrative records, SG6240 folder 8