Document 2 transcript:

The State of Alabama and by the authority of the same,
	Israel Pickens, Governor of said State,
	To the Sheriff of Morgan County, and all other officers and magis-
	trates of said State, Greeting;
	Whereas it has been represented by the most respectable persons
	that Adam Lowry was at the last Term of the Circuit Court of
	said County convicted of Hog stealing and disgracefully pun-
	ished, and at the same time convicted of Horse stealing, by con-
	fession, and was sentenced to be branded in the hand, and receive
	thirty nine lashes and the punishment as respects branding in-
	flicted; The remaining part of the punishment by stripes
	being suspended by the Court for six weeks.  Also, that, the
	prisoner had been in jail three months and yet is confined.
	That he is poor, appears penitent—and that the prisoner
	so far as example or reformation may be considered the objects
	of punishment, there have have had the affect so far as the
	kind  of punishment is calculated to afford it.  Hoping sin-
	cerely that this penitence may  prove a genuine one, and may
	end in a complete reform, and to give time to ascertain whether
	this may be the desirable result.
		Now therefore, by virtue of the power and authority in
	me vested, by the Constitution and laws of the state, I do hereby
	respite the farther execution of the sentence of the court pun-
	ishing the said crime of Horse-stealing until the first
	Monday of January next, the prisoner giving bond for his 
 	appearance on that day if not previously pardoned, with
(page 39)
	sufficient security in the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars.
	Given under my hand and the seal of the state this 12th
	day of May in the year of our lord one thousand eight
	hundred and twenty two, and of the Independence of the
	United States of America the forty sixth.
			By the Governor
			Js: J. Pleasants Sec'y of State


Alabama Secretary of State, Pardon and Parole Certificates, SG8758, Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, Alabama.

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