Document 2b transcript:

April term of the Circuit Court
of Morgan County
D. Sir
	Adam Lowrey has been arraigned at
the bar of this Court for hog stealing, found
guilty and has received the punishment prescribed
by law. He was again brought to the bar
for the crime of horse stealing and pleaded
guilty and received a part of his punish
ment (towit) branding in the right hand with
the letter T. The balance of the sentence has
been respited for six weeks from this day
for the clemency of your excellency; should
you deem it expedient. The prisoner had
been confined in jail three months previous
to this time. It was believed that if the
great object and end of human punishment were
Example and the reformation of the individual;
that those ends have been attained, perhaps as
far as this mode of punishment can affect it. We are of opinion that the remaining part
of the sentence which is imprisonment and
thirty nine lashes, may be a fit subject of
executive mercy without any injury to society
His Excellency Israel Pickens} we have the Honor to be your Governor of the State} obedient Humble Servants: of Alabama} Richard Ellis presiding Judge of the 5th Judicial Circuit State of Alabama Joseph Eastland Solicitor of the fifth Judicial Circuit of the State of Alabama

Alabama Governor (1821-1825: Pickens), Pardons, paroles and clemency files, SG4162, folder 9, Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, Alabama.

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