25 Apr 1822
	Zachariah Butler, Blasingham Neighbors, Richard Consor James 
Consor, Abram Nash, were convicted as aidors & abettors of Samuel 
Nixon in committing a mayhem on James A Moore by biting off part 
of his left ear committed 25th Decem. 1822.  At March term 1822 
4th Monday sentenced to stand on the pillory & pay James R Consor 
Butler $75 - Nash 65 - Neighbors 60 - J Cowsor $10 -
	Sentence of pillory & fine suspended till Monday after 4th 
Monday of September.  On security for appearances & paying fines.

Alabama Governor (1821-1825: Pickens), Pardons, paroles and clemency files, SG4162, folder 10, Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, Alabama.

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