Lesson Plans/Classroom Activities


Alabama History Education Materials

    The Alabama History Education Materials Collection features instructional activities and lesson plans that were created from the collections of the Alabama Department of Archives and History. The materials in this collection cover topics in Alabama History from the First Alabamians to the modern Civil Rights Movement and more. These materials are downloadable, printable, and free to use.


Alabama History Education Initiative

    The AHEI brought classroom teachers to the Archives in 2009 and 2010 to create lesson plans based on primary source documents from the ADAH collections.  Additional lessons will be added each month during the 2010-2011 school year.


Using Primary Sources in the Classroom

    This project is designed to help teachers more easily integrate the use of primary source materials into their classrooms. Each unit contains background information for the teacher and is made up of several lessons. The lessons contain learning objectives, suggested activities, and documents. Documents are reproduced in the original form and transcribed when necessary. Primary source materials may be printed and reproduced for classroom use. Lessons can be used without modification, adapted for specific class use, or entire new lessons and activities may be created based on the primary source materials provided.

Alabama Moments Project
    The Alabama Moments Project provides supplementary curriculum materials for the 1998 Alabama Course of Study for the integration of Alabama history in the tenth and eleventh grade U.S. history courses.

Youth Activity Sheets

    Over the years, the Education Section at the Alabama Department of Archives and History has developed special Activity Sheets. Activity Sheets may include Alabama trivia, crossword puzzles, facts on First Ladies of Alabama, etc.

    These sheets have been available for young and old visitors to the Archives when they visit the Hands On Gallery. Teachers have requested that this information be made available from the Archives web site. Teachers and students alike will enjoy using these Activity Sheets. For best result, print a copy of the sheets for more enjoyment in using them.

Women's History Month Activities


    The Women of Alabama Online exhibit and Writing exercises


Black History Month Exhibit and Writing Exercises

    The Everyday Faces of Alabama Black History

    This online exhibit uses photographs from the collections of the Archives as writing prompts for 4th and 5th grade student writing exercises.


Mapping Alabama
    Online exhibit and classroom activities based on historic maps of Alabama


Alabama in Transition


    Alabama experienced dramatic shifts in population, family income, employment, agricultural production, and education during the past six decades. Use this interactive map to explore how Alabama and its counties changed between 1950 and 2010 in these important categories.



Updated: January 15, 2015