Business Records

The Alabama Department of Archives and History contains a variety of material relating to businesses in Alabama. Of particular significance are records relating to the lumber industry, railroads, and general merchandise stores of the 1800s and early 1900s. The collections also include materials relating to the early mining, steel industry, lawyers, bankers and agricultural enterprises such as plantations.

Some notable collections include:

  • W. T. Smith Lumber Company, (Chapman, Ala.) 119 cu. ft.
  • Pomeroy and McGowin Forest Managers records, 1890-1961, 31 cu. ft.
  • Montevallo Coal Mining Company, 1856-1873, minutes, 1 vol.
  • Montgomery Abstract Company 17 cu. ft.
  • Montgomery Hotel Company records, 1893-1962, 2 cu.ft.
  • J. S. Winter and Company (Montgomery, Ala.), 1851-1859, 3.3 cu. ft.
  • Jackson Company 1814-1817, 1 vol. (founded the city of Jackson, Clarke County, Ala.)
  • Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company, records, 1827-1966, 28 cu. ft.
  • Memphis, Holly Springs, Okaloona, and Selma Railroad Company, records, 1868-1871, 1 vol.
  • Mobile & Girard Railroad Company, annual reports, 1873-1874, 1 folder
  • Montgomery Terminal and Street Railway, letterpress copybook, 1891-1903
  • Montgomery retail store photographs, 1881-1916, 1 folder
  • Moses Brothers Savings Bank, (Montgomery, Ala.), 1881-1892, 2 folders
  • Alabama Cattleman's Association, 1947-1954, 3 cu ft.
  • A. S. Knoles Dry Goods Company, minutes, 1902-1916, 1 item
  • Minge, John H. General store, 1892-1907
  • Polar Ice and Coal Company minute book, 1917-1927
  • Reuben Bennett, 1789-1868, business records, 1816-1863
  • Frederick Wolffe, business records, 1878-1883 (Cotton brokerage firm)
  • Sloan and Freeman General merchandise store records, 1898-1910, 10 cubic ft. (5 records center cartons, 1 archives box and 8 volumes)

Other sources which contain information about businesses in Alabama include:

  • ADAH Public Information Subject Files (Vertical Files)--by County. Among these files may be found a small amount of information on individual businesses, including newspaper clippings, programmes, correspondence, and histories. Arranged alphabetically by county. A container listing is available in the repository.

  • Alabama City Directories contain information on various businesses in Alabama.

  • Alabama Secretary of State. Corporations records

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