Semple's Battery

This command was organized at Montgomery, in March 1862, and the officers and men were nearly all from Montgomery County. Ordered to Mobile, it soon after joined the Arms of Tennessee. It marched into Kentucky, and was engaged at Perryville with light loss. Two sections fought in the last day's battle at Murfreesboro, losing a third of the men, two guns, and nearly every horse. At Dug Gap the loss was inconsiderable, but serious at Chicamauga. The battery was engaged at Mission Ridge without loss, and one section suffered severely at Ringgold Gap. The loss of men and horses at Resaca was considerable, and the battery was fully occupied with the work of death on the retreat to Atlanta. In the battle of July 22, and at Jonesboro, the loss was quite severe. The guns of the battery were the first that opened at Franklin, but its loss there and at Nashville was comparatively light. Ordered to North Carolina, the battery reached Augusta, and there surrendered.

Captains -- Henry C. Semple; promoted. R. W. Goldthwaite.

Lieutenants -- Elmore F. Fitzpatrick; detached. John B. Scott; resigned. R. W. Goldthwaite; promoted. E. Gl. McClellan; killed at Resaca. Charles Dowd ;* wounded at Resaca. Joseph Pollard; killed at Murfreesboro. Derrill M. Hart. Henry Armstrong.

*This officer was from Mobile; the others from Montgomery.
Created: 3/11/97