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Creating Records Retention Documents for State and Local Agencies


Staff members of the Department of Archives and History and state and local agencies collaborate on creating records retention documents, also known as Records Disposition Authorities (RDAs), by listing the records created or received by an agency or an official. The State and Local Government Records Commissions review and approve the RDAs at their quarterly meetings. Once the Commissions approve an RDA, the agency or official creating those records is authorized to implement records disposition. Disposition may involve destruction of records that have met their legal, fiscal, and administrative needs or preservation of records identified in the RDA as permanent.


Implementing State RDAs


Once state agencies sign their approved Records Disposition Authority, State Records Commission procedures require the submission of an annual activity report. The following link lists all state agencies with up-to-date RDAs and the reporting statistics.

For assistance in creating an RDA or for completing an annual report for a state agency, please contact Richard Wang at richard.wang@archives.alabama.gov.


For assistance in adding or deleting records from an existing local government RDA, please contact Tom Turley at tom.turley@archives.alabama.gov.


For assistance with other records management questions or procedures, please review our publications or contact us at:


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State and local officials -- for records management assistance call (334) 242-4452 or email us at records@archives.state.al.us.


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Updated: March 18, 2011