1. What was the name of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel written by Harper Lee?

A. To Kill A Mockingbird
B. The Miracle Worker
C. A Christmas Memory

2. How long was Lurleen Wallace governor?
A. 3 years
B. 16 months
C. 23 months


3. What is the highest covered bridge over water in the United States?
A. Horton Mill Bridge (near Oneonta, Alabama)
B. Philippi Covered Bridge (Philippi, West Virginia)
C. Tennessee River Bridge (near Huntsville, Alabama)


4. U.S. Vice President William Rufus King is buried in which cemetery?
A. Magnolia Cemetery (Mobile)
B. Oakwood Cemetery (Montgomery)
C. Live Oak Cemetery (Selma)


5. Who was a great leader of the Creek Indians?
A. Hernando DeSoto
B. Alexander McGillivray
C. Tecumseh


6. Who created the Cherokee Indian alphabet?
A. Sequoyah
B. Red Eagle
C. Pushmataha


7. After the Civil War, the South had to rebuild. What is this time in history called?
A. Reconstruction
B. Restoration
C. Readjustment


8. Which insect has a monument in Alabama dedicated to it?
A. Ladybug
B. Boll Weevil
C. Beetle


9. Which fort is in the shape of a star?
A. Fort Toulouse
B. Fort Sumter
C. Fort Morgan


10. What was the first word Helen Keller learned?
A. "Mama"
B. "Water"
C. "Flower"


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