Alabama Music Hall of Fame

The Alabama Music Hall of Fame was a dream and goal of the Muscle Shoals Music Association, a Shoals area based professional organization of recording studio owners, producers, musicians, songwriters and other music professionals. In 1980, through their efforts, the State legislature, with the leadership of State Senator Bobby Denton, created a state agency, the Alabama Music Hall of Fame Board, with a mandate to honor all of this state's great music achievers, and to build a facility in which to showcase these talented individuals and their accomplishments.

In 1987 the citizens of Alabama passed a state-wide referendum for the construction of Phase one of the project, a 12,500 square foot exhibit hall - The Alabama Music Hall of Fame. Grand Opening ceremonies were held July 26, 1990 with over 35,000 music lovers on hand to celebrate and enjoy the music provided by many of Alabama's finest talents. Every year, since the opening, we have had thousands of tourists, school children, historians and general music fans tour our facility to see, hear and learn of the many contributions made to music by Alabamians.

The accomplishments of these people are not limited to any single style of music, nor are they restricted just to the realm of performance. Their achievements span the complete spectrum from sophisticated classical composition to humble gospel songs sung without accompaniment. From performance to songwriting, and from management to publishing, Alabamians have contributed in many ways to make the industry of music what it is today.

At the Alabama Music Hall of Fame we honor these Music Achievers in three ways: information and exhibits illustrating their accomplishments,

2.placement of a permanent bronze star in our walk of fame,

3.and by induction to the Hall of Fame.

Phase Two of the Alabama Music Hall of Fame Project will be the creation of a 1200 seat, state of the art, audio/video recording auditorium.

Phase Three will be a research library on Southern Music with an emphasis on the State of Alabama.

Alabama Music Hall of Fame

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Created: 1/20/96