Alabama Attorneys General

Charlie Campbell McCall

impage of Al. Atty. Gen. Charles C. McCall


Attorney General: 1927-1931


Charlie Campbell McCall was born March 23, 1895, at Causeyville, Lauderdale County, Miss. He is the son of Charles Edward and Mary Rebecca (Collins) McCall, the former a native of DeSotoville, Choctaw County. He is the grandson of Dr. Daniel and Nancy Elizabeth (Thompson) McCall, of Desotoville, Ala., and of James Madison and Amanda (Etheridge) Collins, of Lauderdale County, Miss. The McCall and Campbell families are of Scotch origin but migrated to America in the early period of the country's history.


Attorney General McCall received a public school education in Alabama and attended University preparatory schools in Montgomery and in other states. He entered the U.S. Military Academy in 1913 but resigned in 1914 and entered law school at the University of Alabama. In 1917 he entered the U. S. Military Training Camp in Fort McPherson where after the completion of a period of training he was comissioned as Second Lieutenant and was assigned to duty with the 5th Cav. Fort Bliss, Texas. He was promoted to 1st Lieut., and participated in the Mexican border troubles in 1917 with his command. He was commended for gallantry by troop commander Galway following the fight at Zaragossa, Mexico. He was promoted to Captain of Officers Reserve Corps in 1920 at which time he re-entered the regular Army as Adjutant of the 3rd Cavalry at Fort Myers, Va., being promoted soon thereafter to a Captaincy. He was detailed to the Judge Advocate General Department, Washington D. C., Criminal Division, 1921-1923; Staff Judge Advocate, Fort Benning, Ga., October 1921-1923; Major Cavalry, A. N. G., the George Washington University, the National University, the American University, and the school of Jurisprudence.


He was an Assistant State Examiner of Accounts in Alabama from 1924-1927 when he assumed the duties of the office of Atttorney General of the State to which he was elected in the fall of 1926. Major McCall is a Democrat, Methodist, Sigma Nu Phi Legal Fraternity.


He was married April 16, 1924, in Birmingham, Ala., to Nell Widsom, daughter of Macon Cave of Gainesville, Va. Major McCall's daughter, Dorothy Texas McCall, is a child of his first marriage and was born in El Paso, Texas, in 1918.


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