Alabama Attorneys General


Mathew W. Lindsay

Attorney General: 1839-1843


Mathew W.Lindsay, lawyer, attorney general, was born in Tennessee, and died in Aberdeen, Miss. He came from Tennessee to Alabama and settled in Morgan County, and represented that county in the state legislature in 1835, 1836 and 1838. In 1839 he was elected attorney general of the state. He moved to Tuscaloosa in 1840, and identified himself with the Whig party, taking an active part in the campaign for General William Henry Harrison, by addressing Tippecanoe Clubs and other assemblages. Sometime afterwards he moved to Aberdeen, Miss. Married: to Miss Perkins, daughter of Constantine Perkins, at one time attorney general of the state, whose gallant behavior at the battle of Emuckfaw, under the command of General Andrew Jackson, in loading the canon with his musket as a ramrod, and firing it upon the Indians just in time to drive them back, is a matter of history. Last residence: Aberdeen, Miss.


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