Alabama Attorneys General

Thomas Lawson


Attorney General: 1939-1943


Thomas Seay Lawson, of Greensboro, was born May 3, 1906, at that place. He was the son of Lewis Joshua and Amy (Seay) Lawson, the former a native of Greensboro who served for a number of years as mayor of that place and was president of the People's Bank; grandson of Lewis Joshua and Alice (Reid) Lawson, of Greensboro, and of Thomas and Clare (de Lesdernier) Seay, of Greensboro, the former Governor of Alabama, 1896-1900.


Mr. Lawson was educated in the public schools of Greensboro, attended Southern Military Academy at Greensboro, received the degree of A.B. from Davidson College, Davidson, N.C., and the degree of LL.B, from the University of Alabama, 1929. He entered the practice of his profession at Selma in the latter year and later continued at Greensboro. He was appointed assistant attorney general, January, 1931, was nominated in May, 1938, without opposition, and was elected in November, 1938, to the position of Attorney General. He was elected to the first of five consecutive terms to the Alabama Supreme Court in 1942. He was a member of the Board of Trustees of the University of Alabama. He was a Democrat and a Methodist.


Married: November 30, 1932, at Montgomery, Rose, daughter of Mayor William Adams and Julia (Scott) Gunter, of that city. Children: 1. Thomas Seay, Jr.; 2. Jule Gunter.


Thomas Lawson died on September 2, 2002.


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