Alabama Attorneys General

Troy Robin King

photo of portrait of Ala. Attorney General Troy King


Attorney General: 2004-


King was born on August 22, 1968, in Elba, Alabama. King received his undergraduate degree from Troy University and is a 1994 graduate of the University of Alabama law school.


During the 2005 legislative session, King made headlines by wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet of the kind used by parolees and others under judicial monitoring. King promised to wear the bracelet until the legislature passed tougher monitoring laws for parolees and convicted sex offenders, and removed it when such laws were passed.


King has made opposition to gambling a central theme of his administration. In 2006, King asked the United States Department of the Interior to deny an application by the Poarch Creek Band of Indians to expand their gaming operations in Alabama. King later filed a lawsuit against the Department to keep it from pressuring Alabama to permit video gaming on Alabama reservations. King is also a staunch proponent of the death penalty, a position that has subjected him to criticism from death penalty opponents. When many states voluntarily suspended executions during U.S. Supreme Court litigation over lethal injection, King continued to seek the setting of execution dates in Alabama.


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