Alabama Auditors

George W. Crabb

Auditor: 1829-1836


George W. Crabb, lawyer, representative in Congress, was born February 22, 1802, in Botecourt County, Va., and died August 15, 1846, in Philadelphia, Pa. He spent his childhood in Tennessee, and came in early manhood to Alabama, settling in Tuscaloosa. He read law there and was admitted to the bar.


He was elected assistant secretary of the state senate, and in 1829, was elected comptroller of the treasury of the state over John C. Perry of Dallas County. In 1836, at the outbreak of the Indian War in Florida, he served in a twelve months' campaign as lieutenant-colonel of a regiment he raised in Alabama. On his return, he was elected major general of militia, and the same year was sent to the State senate. In 1838, he was brought forward by the Whig party as a candidate to fill the vacancy in Congress created by the death of Judge Joab Lawler, in opposition to Harvey W. Ellis, esq., the Democratic candidate. Gen. Crabb was elected by a small majority, and in 1839, at the regular election, was re-elected over the same candidate. In 1841, under the general ticket system, he was defeated.


In 1844, he withdrew his allegiance from the Whig party and became a Democrat. He moved to Mobile, and in 1845 was appointed judge of the criminal court of that city. Declining health induced him to spend the winter of that year in Havana, Cuba, and the next summer, during a visit to Philadelphia, Pa., he died, August 15.


He was a brother of Hon. Thomas D. Crabb, of Morgan County, and of Judge Henry Crabb, who served many years on the bench of the Supreme Court of Tennessee. Married: Miss Inge, a sister of Hon. William M. Inge, of Sumter County. Child: a daughter, m. Prof. Pratt, at one time a member of the faculty of the University of Alabama. Last residence: Mobile.


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