William Woodward Brandon

William Woodward Brandon Of Tuscaloosa, was born June 5, 1868, at Talladega, and was the son of Rev. Frank T. J. and Carrie (Woodward) Brandon, and the grandson of Francis L. Brandon, and wife, who was a Miss Haynie. His mother and the wife of Gen. Wm. H. Forney were sisters, both daughters of E. L. Woodward, a merchant of Calhoun county. Rev. F. T. J. Brandon is the oldest preacher in the North Alabama Conference, now in the active ministry.

Gen. Brandon was educated at the Cedar Bluff institute, and the Tuscaloosa high school. At the age of thirteen he went to work for himself. In 1891 he took the law course at the University of Alabama, and in 1892 located in Tuscaloosa for the practice. In 1891 he was elected clerk of the city of Tuscaloosa, and in the same year was appointed a justice of the peace. In 1896 he was chosen to the House of Representatives, and in 1898 and 1900 he was re-elected. In the House he had leading committee assignments and took a prominent part in legislative affairs. In military affairs his service has been conspicuous. He served as lieutenant and captain of the Warrior Guards, major in the 3rd Alabama Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Spanish-American War; was appointed adjutant-general of Alabama, 1899, and re-appointed in 1901, serving until 1906. As adjutant-general he successfully reorganized the Alabama National Guard. In 1906 he was nominated for State Auditor in the Democratic primary, and in the general election was overwhelmingly elected. In 1892 he published a military journal at Tuscaloosa entitled The Citizen Soldier. In 1901 he was reading clerk of the Constitutional Convention. He was a Democrat, has seen service on the party committees, and has taken a conspicuous part in all recent campaigns. He was a Methodist. His wife was Mrs. Elizabeth (Andrews) Nabors, daughter of the late Dr. Allen S. Andrews.

Brandon died on December 7, 1934 in Tuscaloosa.

Alabama Department of Archives and History, Official and Statistical Register, 1907, 14.

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