Alabama Day is December 14

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Alabama Day 2008



From left to right:

1) Governor Bob Riley with winners of the Mark Your Place in Alabama History bookmark contest

2) Students tour the Alabama Indians Gallery.

3) Students enjoy hands-on activities.

4) Students learn about the life of a Civil war soldier.

5) Students enjoy an "old fashioned" tug of war.

6) Students enjoy an "old fashioned" sack race.


Alabama Day 2007



From left to right:

1) First Lady Patsy Riley cuts the Alabama Day birthday cake.
2) Students enjoy the birthday celebrations on the Archives lawn.
3) Students view Alabama's original 1819 constitution.
4) Archives Director Ed Bridges and students enjoy Alabama Day activities.


Alabama Day 2006



From left to right:

1) Students from Montgomery's Blount Elementary School prepare to unveil the new bronze map at the Archives.
2) Students enjoy Alabama Day birthday cookies.
3) Attorney and ADAH Board of Trustee member Fred Gray addresses students in celebration of Alabama Day.


Alabama Day 2004



From left to right:

1) Clements High School 4th graders celebrate Alabama's birthday in 2004.
2) ADAH Director Ed Bridges explains that "history is right here" to 4th graders on Alabama Day, 2004.
3) First Lady Patsy Riley explains statehood to 4th graders on Alabama Day, 2004.
4) Staff and guests line up for birthday cake on Alabama Day, 2004.


Alabama Day 2003


Below, fourth graders from Creekside Elementary School, Harvest, Alabama, celebrate Alabama Day in 2003.



From left to right:
1) Ms. LaTasha Plamer's class
2) Ms. Rhonda Hilbert's class
3) Ms. Suzy Carter's class
4) Ms. Chelsea Down's class
5) Ms. Lynette Cobb's class
6) Ms. Rebecca Jones's class
7) Students from Creekside Elementary take time to sign an Alabama birthday card.


Below, students from Ms. Cathy Smith's class at Ashville Elementary in Ashville, Alabama,
celebrate Alabama Day making Alabama Flag cookies in the Hands-On Gallery at the Archives.



Below, students from Miss Pech's class at Macmillan International Academy in Montgomery celebrate Alabama Day in 2002.



Below, students from Ms. Patt Lann's fourth grade class at Julian Newman Elementary, Athens, Alabama, hang ornaments on the Alabama tree. They made ornaments (representing Alabama in some way) and Alabama flags cookies in celebration of Alabama Day.




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