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The Alabama Historical Association, a private organization of people interested in Alabama's past, has been helping individuals and local groups commemorate the state's history by sponsoring the placing of historical markers for some 60 years. The Association's Marker Committee seeks to attest to a site's historic importance and to ensure that marker texts are accurate.


Those wishing to erect a marker should submit a proposed text for the committee's approval so that it can decide on the site's historical significance and the text's accuracy. The committee also needs supporting documentation on the text's wording or, at least, a list of sources used for the information.


Look around at other markers in the area to get an idea of the appropriate writing style. Texts should be concise and factual. The names of living persons cannot appear on markers. AHA-sponsored markers are those with the Alabama state flag at the top. The text may run up to 20 lines with 62 spaces per line. Once a proper text is agreed upon, it will be submitted to the marker fabricators for a firm price quote (between $1,830.00 and $2,330.00, currently). Your organization will then make out a check to the AHA which will pay the marker company. The marker should be delivered about 14 weeks after the final order is placed.

We hope this information proves useful to you. We appreciate your interest in commemorating Alabama's history.


Norwood A. Kerr
AHA Marker Committee
Alabama Department of Archives and History
P O Box 300100
Montgomery AL 36130-0100


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Updated: August 30, 2009