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AHA Committees 2013-2014

Executive Committee:

  Gayle Thomas (President), Abbeville

  Lonnie Burnett (Vice-President), University of Mobile

  Dr. Mark Wilson (Executive Secretary), Auburn University

  Amy Christiansen (Membership Secretary), University of West Alabama

  Valerie Burns (Treasurer), Center for the Study of the Black Belt, UWA

  Dr. Martin T. Olliff (Immediate Past President), Troy University Dothan

  T. R. Henderson, Headland

  Dorothy Walker, AHC / BHC

Standing Committees:

Nominations -- Joyce Smith (chair),

  Frazine Taylor

Program --Chris McIlwain, chair

  Guy Hubbs
  George Rable
  Paul Pruitt
  John Kvach
  Charles Roberts

Time and Place--

  Lonnie Burnett

Pilgrimage Committee

Friday's activities will be chaired by Bob Daniel, President of the Tallapoosee Historical Society and he will be assisted by THS members Elsie Jo Washburn, Sharon Gaither, Will Ponder, John Kocher, Harold Banks

HOBE Committee:   Kathryn Braund, Chair

  John Hall
  Greg Wilson (President Friends of HOBE)
  Harold Banks
  Friends of HOBE

Annual Meeting: Scottsboro   Ann Chambless, Chair
  Jen Stewart
  Kelly Goodowens
  Susan Fisher
  Judge John H. Graham

Publications -- Executive Committee, ex officio the editors of The Alabama Review (Dr. Rob Riser), University of West Alabama
  Editor, AHA Newsletter

Historical Markers-- Dr. Norwood A. Kerr (chair), Alabama Dept. of Archives and History

  Alex Lutrell, Madison
  Robert Bradley, Alabama Dept. of Archives and History
  John Hall, Tuscaloosa

Awards Committees (Standing Committees):

Clinton Jackson and Evelyn Coley Research Grant Fund--Mark Palmer (chair), Alabama Dept. of Archives and History

  Paul Pruitt, University of Alabama
  Ninon Parker, Tuscumbia
  Staci Glover, Mobile

Milo B. Howard Award
  Alabama Review Advisory Board

James Ray Kuykendall Local Historical Society Committee
  Jean Styles, Chair

  Anne Feathers

James F. Sulzby Book Award -- David Alsobrook, Mobile (chair)

  Mary Daniel, Huntsville
  Bertis English, ASU, Montgomery

Coley Book Award
  Scotty Kirkland, Chair
  Christine Sears
  Gwen Patton