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The Alabama Historical Association is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board consists of the Executive Officers of the Association, the immediate past president, and 24 active members of the Association who represent both academic and non-academic fields. The officers of the Association are a president, president elect/vice president, secretary, membership secretary, and treasurer.

Board of Directors

President: Gayle Thomas, Abbeville
Vice President: Lonnie Burnett, University of Mobile
Secretary: Mark Wilson, Auburn University
Membership Secretary: Amy Christiansen, University of West Alabama
Treasurer: Valerie Pope Burnes, University of West Alabama

Immediate Past President: Marty Olliff, Troy University Dothan

Jim Baggett, Birmingham Public Library (2011-2014)
Donna Cox Baker (2013-2016)
Nicholas Cobbs, Greensboro (2011-2014)
James Cox, Grove Hill (2011-2014)
Brad Creed, Samford University (2013-2016)
Harriet Amos Doss, University of Alabama at Birmingham (2012-2015)
Bertis English, Alabama State University (2012-2015)
April Folden, Florence (2011-2014)
James E. Foshee, Huntsville (2013-2015)
Kari Frederickson, University of Alabama (2012-2015)
John C. Hall, Tuscaloosa (2013-2016)
T. R. Henderson, Headland (2012-2015)
Guy Hubbs (2013-2016)
John Kvach, University of Alabama at Huntsville (2013-2015)
Chris McIlwain, Tuscaloosa (2011-2014)
William Melton, Evergreen (2011-2014)
Gwen Patton, Trenholm State Community College (2012-2015)
Paul Pruitt, Tuscaloosa (2011-2014)
Doug Purcell, Eufaula (2011-2014)
David Robb, Huntsville (2013-2016)
Jean Till Styles (2013-2016)
J. Mills Thornton, ret. University of Michigan (2012-2015)
Dorothy Walker, Alabama Historical Commission (2012-2015)

Alabama Review, Editor
R. Volney Riser, University of West Alabama

Newsletter, Mark Wilson, Auburn University

Chriss Doss, Birmingham

Past Presidents of the Association