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Milo B. Howard award for the best article published in The Alabama Review in a two-year period.

  • 2014   Scotty Kirkland, "Mobile and the Boswell Amendment" (July 2012);
    Charles Roberts, "New Deal Community­Building in the South: The Subsistence Homesteads around Birmingham, Alabama" (April 2013);
    Kristopher Teters, "Albert Burton Moore and Alabama's Centennial Commemoration of the Civil War: The Rhetoric of Race, Romance, and Reunion" (April 2013)
  • 2012   Daniel L. Haulman, “The Tuskegee Airmen and the ‘Never Lost A Bomber' Myth," January 2011, and Daniel Hutchinson, “’We . . . Are The Most Fortunate of Prisoners’: The Axis POW Experience at Camp Opelika During World War II.” October 2011.
  • 2010  William Warren Rogers, Jr.  "For the Destruction of Radicalism: A Reconstruction Case Study." July 2009
  • 2008  Tracy Lauder.  "The Southern Living Solution: How the Progressive Farmer Launched a Magazine and a Legacy." July 2007 and
    Adam L. Tate.  "From Humor to History: Joseph Glover Baldwin and Party Leaders." April 2007
  • 2006  Samuel L. Webb. "Hugo Black, Bibb Graves, and the Ku Klux Klan: A Revisionist View of the 1926 Alabama Democratic Primary, " October 2004
  • 2004  David Alsobrook. "The Mobile Streetcar Boycott of 1902: African American Protestor Capitulation?" April 2003
  • 2002   Michael W. Fitzgerald. "Another Kind of Glory: Black Participation and its Consequences in the Campaign for Confederate Mobile." October 2001
  • 2000    Brian Kelly. "Policing the 'Negro Eden': Racial Paternalism in the Alabama Coalfields, 1908-1921." July and October 1998
  • 1998    Glenn T. Eskew. "The Freedom Ride Riot and Political Reform in Birmingham, 1961-1963." July 1996
  • 1996    Michael Fitzgerald. "Wager Swayne: The Freedman's Bureau and the Politics of Reconstruction in Alabama." July 1995
  • 1994    Carolyn Terry Bashaw. "Agnes Ellen Harris and Leadership in the National Association of Deans of Women, 1929-1941." October 1993
  • 1992    Harvey H. Jackson. "Time, Frontier, and the Alabama Black Belt: Searching for W.J. Cash's Planter." October 1991
  • 1990    Harriet Amos Doss. "Religious Reconstruction in Microcosm at Faunsdale Plantation." October 1989
  • 1988    Mary Martha Thomas. "Rosie the Riveter." July 1986