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Twice a year AGS brings you the opportunity to hear experienced, informative, and entertaining speakers at two locations in the state. The spring seminar is held in Birmingham, Alabama. The fall seminar is held in Montgomery, Alabama. Seminar and workshop details are published in the AGS Magazine and the AGS Newsletter.

Fall Seminar, 2006
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Previous Seminars Workshops, and Speakers

Spring Seminar - May 3, 2003
-- Samford University
Speaker: Curt B. Witcher -- Theme: Eclectic Genealogical Sleuthing
Topics: Fingerprinting Our Families: Using Ancestral Origins As A Genealogical Research Key, Using Government Documents For Genealogical Research, An Ancestor's Death -- A Time for Reaping, and Pain in the Access - Getting More From The Internet For Your Genealogy.

Fall Seminar -- October 18, 2003 -- Alabama State Capitol
Speaker: J. Mark Lowe - Theme: A Seminar On Genealogical Research
Topics: Land Barons Or Dirt Farmers: Finding Land Transactions, Finding Your Landless Ancestors, Locating The Wanderer, and Smith vs. Jones, etal., A Closer Look At Court Records.

Spring Seminar - May 4, 2002
- Samford University
Speaker: Margaret M. Hofmann - Theme: Unlocking Secrets Found In North Carolina Land Records
Topics: 300 Years Of NC Land Patents And Grants, Genealogical Uses Of Some Early NC Land Records, and Tracing A Family Where No Records Exist Except Land Records

Fall Seminar - October 19, 2002 - Alabama State Capitol
Speaker: George G. Morgan - Theme: An October Adventure – Join A Genealogical Safari! Locate And Visit Your Ancestors!
Topics: Genealogical Orienteering: Using Maps To Find The Right Place, Bring ‘um Back To Life: Developing An Ancestor Profile, Bits About Obits: Reading Between The Lines, and Planning Is The Key: A Very Successful Genealogical Research Trip.

Spring Seminar - May 5, 2001
- Samford University
Speaker: Christine Rose - Theme: Following A Genealogical Paper Trail
Topics: Successful Courthouse Research, The Evidence Conflicts... What Shall I Do?, Transcribing And Abstracting: The Technique And Legalese, Using Little Known And Neglected Sources: A Potpourri.

Fall Seminar - October 20, 2001 - Alabama State Capitol
Speakers: Dr. Craig Mann, Mark Dauber, Jeffrey C. Benton, and James H. Walker, Jr. - Theme: And They Came To Alabama
Topics: The Federal Road, Along The Federal Road, The Very Worst Road, and The Huntsville Road

Spring Seminar - May 6, 2000
- Samford University
Speaker: Leslie Smith Collier
Topics: Sherlock Holmes & The Write Way To Research, In Deeds I Trust (And So Should You), and How Lay The Land?

Fall Seminar - October 21, 2000 - Alabama State Archives
Speaker: Jimmy B. Parker
Topics: What Did Your Ancestors Do And In Which War: U.S. Military History And Sources, Mining For Genealogical Resources.

Spring Seminar - May 1, 1999
- Samford University
Speaker: James J. McSweeney, Dr. Charles Reeves, Suzanne Dewberry - Theme: National Archives And Records Administration, Southeast Region
Topics: Seminar On Genealogical Resources

Fall Seminar - October 16, 1999 - Alabama State Archives
Speaker: Marilyn Miller Morton - Theme: Migratory Routes From The British Isles And Europe Into The United States, With Emphasis On Alabama
Topics: Emigration From The British Isles And Rest Of Europe - Specifically Immigration Into The American Colonies And Migration Specifically To Alabama, and Migration From Alabama And The Eastern Parts Of The Nation.

Spring Seminar - May 2, 1998 - Samford University
Speaker: Lloyd Dewitt Bockstruck - Theme: Colonial Virginia And Related Topics

Fall Seminar - October 17, 1998 - Alabama State Archives
Speakers: Mildred Kent, Patrick Henry, and H. Kent Lewis - Theme: Help! How And Where Can I Find It!
Topics: Alternative Records At The Archives, PERSI and SAR, Genealogical Sites On The Internet, Tour Groups To View Sites Of Alternative Records.

Spring Seminar - April 19, 1997
- Samford University
Speakers: Maxine Alcorn and Margaret J. Harris - Theme: Gone To Texas: Tracing Your Ancestors Who Went West
Topics: Anglo Settlements Of The 1820s Through The 1850s Civil War Period, Texas Land Office Records And Early Spanish Land Records, Republic Of Texas Military Records, Courthouse Records, Texas Genealogical Societies, and Other Genealogical Resources And Research Opportunities.

Fall Seminar - October 11, 1997 - Alabama State Archives
Speakers: Ken Tilley, Becky Nall, and Col. Bill Rambo - Theme: Montgomery: The Cradle Of Confederacy
Topics: People & Events Of The Confederacy and An ADAH Civil War Records Update, How To Identify & Date Your Ancestors’ Civil War Attire, Tour of First White House of Confederacy, Tour of State Capitol Building and Confederate Monument, Tour of Historic Oakwood Cemetery.

Spring Seminar - April 20, 1996 - Samford University
Speaker: John Philip Colletta - Theme: Our Ancestors From Overseas: Finding Them & Writing Their Stories
Topics: Passenger Arrival Records, Naturalization Records, How To Prepare For Successful Research In European Records, and Writing The Family History

Fall Seminar - October 19, 1996 - Alabama State Archives
Speakers: H. Kent Lewis, Debbie Pendleton, Andie Zorn
Topics: Overview Of Various Computer Genealogy Programs, Alabama Archives On The Internet, Creative Memories Photo Albums

Spring Seminar - April 29, 1995 - Samford University
Speaker: Jo White Linn - Theme: North Carolina Lineages - The State’s History, Records And Laws
Topics: North Carolina Historical Development & State Records, NC State, Genealogical & Religious Records, NC County Records As Primary Source Materials, and NC Laws And Constructing Your Lineages.

Fall Seminar - October 21, 1995 - Alabama State Archives
Speakers: Col. Bill Rambo and Archives Staff - Theme: An Overview Of The Civil War, Its Participants, Equipment, Uniforms, And Flags
Topics: Weapons, tactics, Uniforms, Equipment, Flags, And Personalities Of Alabama Soldiers In The Confederate Army, How To Research Your Civil War Ancestors Using Sources At The Alabama Department of Archives And History

Spring Seminar - April 30, 1994 - Samford University
Speaker: Dr. James R. Johnson - Theme: Alabama And Tennessee - The Ties That Bind
Topics: Tennessee Genealogical Resources, Lyman Draper Collection, Using Land Records, Local Publications& Newspapers As Genealogy Sources, and Migration Routes – How To Use Them To Solve Genealogy Problems.

Fall Seminar - October 15, 1994 - Alabama State Archives
Speaker: Everton Publishers Workshop - Theme: Climbing Your Family Tree Can Be Fun
Topics: Southern U.S. Research, Unusual Record Sources, Beyond Vital Records, and Immigration, Emigration & Naturalization Sources.

Spring Seminar - May 1, 1993 - Samford University
Speakers: Marilyn Miller Morton and Elizabeth Crabtree Wells - Theme: Tracing Your British And Irish Ancestors: From Their Homeland To The United States
Topics: British And Irish Emigration, Immigration, and Migration, British And Irish Genealogical Research Highlights, Research Sources Found In The Samford University Library, Field Trip To Samford Library

Fall Seminar - October 16, 1993 - Alabama State Archives
Speakers: Frazine Taylor, Dr. Mike Breedlove, and Mark Palmer - Theme: Getting To Know Your State Department Of Archives & History
Topics: State Census Records, 1850, 1855 & 1866, Civil War Records, and Local Government Records

Spring Seminar - May 2, 1992 - Samford University
Speaker: Mary Bondurant Warren - Theme: Georgia Research - State & County Records
Topics: Colonial Georgia & The revolution, Early State Records, County Records.

Fall Seminar - October 10, 1992 - Huntingdon College
Speaker: Annie Crenshaw - Theme: A Truly Southern Experience
Topics: Southern Tradition In Communications: What You Can Learn From Letters, Stories, And Artwork, Understanding Souther Dialect: Our Words Are From England?, A Southern Soldier’s Story: Confederate Letters To Home, and Planning Your Southern Family Reunions: Enjoy The Knowledge And Fun Of Yesterday With Your Family Today.

Spring Seminar - May 11, 1991 - Howard Johnson, Birmingham
Speaker: Mary Rhinelander McCarl
Topics: Before The 1790 Census

Fall Seminar - October 19, 1991 - Madison Hotel, Montgomery
Speaker: Gayle P. Peters
Topics: Genealogical Research Resources at the National Archives, Southeast Region

Spring Seminar - May 5, 1990 - Holiday Inn, Hoover
Speaker: Bill Simpson
Topics: Historical And Genealogical Resources At The Wallace Junior College Library, Specifically The Records Of Participants In The War Between The States.

Fall Seminar - October 13, 1990 - Alabama State Archives
Speaker: Ann Gregath
Topics: Researching And Publishing A Family History Manuscript