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The Alabama Genealogical Society, Inc. (AGS) is a nonprofit organization chartered in 1958 to assist and support the research of its members by finding, safeguarding, preserving, and publishing records pertaining to Alabama families and their history. It is the only genealogical society in Alabama that serves all 67 counties.

Mission Statement
  • To foster, encourage and promote genealogical research, education, information gathering and exchange, and publications about Alabama people;

  • To contribute to the location and acquisition, preservation, organization and publication of genealogical records and materials about Alabama people;

  • To bring together genealogists with interests in the 67 counties of Alabama for the express purpose of strengthening genealogy with respect to mutual statewide issues, interests and concerns;

  • And to contribute to the enjoyment and satisfaction of its members through its activities.

AGS is a volunteer organization. Its activities are carried out by elected and appointed officers and chairpersons and numerous other members who assist on a voluntary basis. AGS has a working arrangement with Samford University’s Library - Special Collections Department - to receive mail and maintain records of the society. The Special Collections Department houses various genealogical and historical resources, which are available to the general public for research. Samford University is located at 800 Lakeshore Drive in Birmingham, Alabama. AGS does not offer free genealogical research but, as a service to its members, it does maintain a list of member-genealogists willing to do research for a fee.

The society holds at least two meetings per year, each in conjunction with a seminar or workshop. Interaction and co-sponsorship of events with other genealogical and historical societies in Alabama is encouraged.

Alabama Genealogical Society, Inc.
Samford University Library
AGS Depository and Headquarters
800 Lakeshore Drive
P.O. Box 2296
Birmingham, AL 35229-0001

"AGS dedicates this web site to the memory of H. Kent Lewis and all other members who have passed on, leaving behind a great vision, and many dreams and goals for the society. We will be eternally grateful for their contribution."

Our website is a "Work in Progress" -- so please bear with us as we grow!

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