African Americans and Civil Rights

Public Records

*Alabama. Attorney's General Office. Corrections Defense Division. Prisoners civil rights case files, 1971-1992 (ALAV93-A274) 86 cubic ft. SG19063-l9122

*Alabama. Attorney General's Office. Dillard v. Crenshaw County, et al Legal Case files, 1985-l988 (ALAV93-A197) SG18770-18781

*Alabama. Attorney General's Office. Montgomery Bus Boycott trial transcript SG8423

For other court transcripts concerning King, Rosa Parks, and others, contact the Record of the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals. Office of the Clerk, Supreme Court Building, Montgomery.

*Alabama. Attorney General's Office. Opinions and Agencies Division. Jury commission legal case files, 1964-1973 (ALAV93-A272) 3 cubic ft. SG19212-19214

*Alabama. Dept. of Archives and History. Scottsboro boys trial and sentence records. 1932-1938 (ALAV92-A28) .5 cubic ft. SG12I528

*Alabama. Dept. of Corrections and Institutions. Administrative correspondence, 1909-1947 (ALAV93-A53) 76 cubic ft. SG17550-17596, 17601-17612, 17641-17659

*Alabama. Governor. Public relations files, 1954-l970 (ALAV94-A4) 15 cubic ft. SG19409-19424

*Alabama. Legislature. Macon County committee records. 1957-1963 (ALAV91-A854) 2 cubic ft. SG16071-16072

*Alabama Public library service (1959- ) Bibliographies. 1961-1982 State publications

*Alabama. State Auditor (1875- ) Annual reports, 1820-l938 State publications

*Alabama. State Prison Inspector. Program administrative files, 1904-1937 (ALAV93-A66) 20 cubic ft. SG17660-17667, 17788-17799

*Alabama. State Sovereignty Commission. (1963- 1978) Administrative files, 1963- 1973 (ALAV91-A627) 4 cubic ft. SG13840-13843

Disbursement files. 1964-1973 (ALAV89-A133) 2 cubic ft. SG13840-13843

Journal, 1971 - 1973 (ALAV89-A91) 1 volume. State publications.

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