African Americans and Civil Rights


Vertical Files: Persons

  • Black, Hugo L. (1886-l971)

    Hugo L. Black: A Personal Appraisal (1971) by Clifford J. Durr
    Box l, #12

  • Carr, Johnnie

    Alabama Senior Citizens Hall of Fame. Class of 1990. Program and biographies
    Box 5, #10

  • Carver, George Washington (ca. 1864-1943)

    The Man Who Talks with Flowers: The Intimate Life Story of George Washington Carver (1939) by Glenn Clark
    Box l, #25

    He Heard God's Whisper (1943) by Harvey Jay Hill
    Box l, #26

    I Knew Carver (1943) by B. Lake Imes
    Box l, #27

  • Pope, Erwin

    The Strange Case of Erwin Pope (1991) by Emmet A. O'Neal
    Box 4, #8

  • Rapier, James T. (1837-1882)

    Black Power in Old Alabama: The Life and Stirring Times of James Rapier, Black Congressman from Alabama (1968) by Eugene Pieter Romayn Feldman
    Box 4, #lO

  • Thorn, Charlotte

    Charlotte Thorn: A Pioneer in Education (1933)
    Box 4, #18

  • Traylor, Bill

    Bill Traylor: Exhibition History, Public Collection, Selected Bibliography (l990) by Phyllis Stigliano
    Box 5, #9

  • Washington, Booker T. (1856-19l5)

    Remember Booker T. Washington (1917) by G.Lake Imes
    Box 4, #24

    Booker T. Washington (1924)
    Box 4, #25

    Vertical Files: Places

  • Alabama--Macon County Tuskegee Institute

    Origins of Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute (1938) by Edmund H. Dryer
    Box 3, #3

    Tuskegee Normal and Industrial School for Training Colored Teachers: Its Story and Its Songs (1884) by Helen W. Ludlow

    Tuskegee Institute: The First Fifty Years (1931) by Anson Phelps Stokes
    Box 3, #5

    Tuskegee Institute: Education in the Highest Public Interest (1983)
    Box 3, #6

    Vertical Files: Subject

  • African Americans

    Catalogue of the Records of Black Organizations in Alabama (1979)
    Box 1, #2

    From Exclusion to Segregation: Health and Welfare Services for Southern Blacks. 1865-1890.
    Box 5, #29

    The Black Male In Alabama: A Demographic Portrait (1988)
    Box 5, #31

    Dietary Studies with Reference to the Food of the Negro in Alabama in 1895 and 1896 (1897)
    Box 5, #29

  • Civil Rights

    The Fourteenth Amendment and the Negro Question (1911)
    Box 7, #21

    Holy Week and the Civil Rights Demonstrations at the Churches
    Box 1, #55 The Media and the Movement: The Role of the Press in a Changing Society
    Box 8, #3

    Speech of Hon R. M. Cunningham in support of the Committee on Suffrage and Elections, of the Constitutional Convention of Alabama (1901)
    Box 8, #2

    Speech of Hon. Thomas W. Coleman, Chairman, in support of the majority report of the Committee on Suffrage and Elections, in the Constitutional Convention of Alabama (1901)
    Box 2, #9

    Suffrage Limitations at the South (1905) by Francis G. Caffey
    Box 8, #1

  • Reconstruction period--Freedmen and Freedmen's Bureau

    First Semi-Annual Report on Schools and Finances of Freedmen, January 1, 1866
    Box 5, #71

    Second Semi-Annual Report on Schools and Finances of Freedmen, July l, 1866
    Box 5, #72

    Report of the Assistant Commissioner for Alabama, 1866
    Box 5, #74

    West Virginia University Documents Relating to Reconstruction: Freedmen's Bureau Documents. II. The Freedmen's Savings Bank
    Box 5, #74

    The Freedmen's Savings Bank
    Box 5, #75

    Law Relating to Freedmen, 1865-66
    Box 5, #76

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