African Americans and Civil Rights

ADAH Museum

Alabama Sampler Exhibit (3rd floor)

Carver, George Washington Bust (1st floor)

King, Martin Luther, Jr. Portrait (3rd floor)

Parks, Rosa Portrait (3rd floor)

Nixon, E.D. Portrait (3rd floor)

Washington, Booker T. Portrait (2nd floor)

Washington, Booker T. Bust (lst floor)

Oral History

Virginia Durr Oral History collection (Coley 6)

Includes interviews with Olive Andrews, Gould and Mary Beech, Reverend Murray Branch, Johnnie Carr, Calvin Chestnut, Dr. Andrew Turnipseed, Zecozy Williams and others


ADAH: Aubrey Williams and Mary McLeod Bethune: White and Black Duo in the New Deal. 1990, Box 5

ADAH: John Hope Franklin lecture, 1985, Box 5

ADAH: Montgomery Bus Boycott Symposium, 1986, Box 5

ADAH: Aspects of Alabama's African American Heritage, Box 5

Sovereignty Commission Civil Rights March, Box 1

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