Match These First Ladies of Alabama with their Governors

1. Lurleen BurnsA. Governor Thomas Bibb
2. Martha FarmerB. Governor John Murphy
3. Mary GorreeC. Governor Joshua Lanier Martin
4. Marsha GuthrieD. Governor Andrew Barry Moore
5. Patsy AdamsE. Governor William H. Smith
6. Sarah HailsF. Governor George S. Houston
7. Ellen IrvineG. Governor Russell Cunningham
8. Sarah Ann MasonH. Governor James "Big Jim" Folsom
9. Bobbie Mae MoneyI. Governor George C. Wallace
10. Jamelle MooreJ. Governor Albert Brewer
11. Sue L. MooreK. Governor James E. Folsom, Jr.
12. Parmelia ThompsonL. Governor Fob James
13. Lucy WorthamM. Governor Thomas Kilby
14. Mary Elizabeth ClarkN. Governor Bob Riley

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1. I

2. J

3. D

4. K

5. N

6. B

7. F


9. L

10. H

11. G

12. A

13. E

14. E

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Updated: September 18, 2008