Bring this with you to the Archives and circle each item when you find it.


The items on the front are listed below with their locations.

  1. Statue titled "The Hiker" to honor our men who fought in the Spanish-American War (1st floor lobby)

  2. World War I gas mask (Military Gallery)

  3. Ketchum Grenade from 1861 (Military Gallery)

  4. Stereoscope (Archives Sampler Gallery)

  5. Doll'ss high heeled button-up shoe (Archives Sampler Gallery)

  6. Mammoth's lumbar vertebra (Indian Gallery)

  7. White Alabama marble column weighing approximately 4 tons (2nd floor lobby)

  8. Light from the second floor lobby

  9. Eyeglass that belonged to William Rufus King (Archives Sampler Gallery)

  10. Ceramic Indian water vessel (Indian Gallery)

  11. Ceramic Indian effigy (Indian Gallery)
    (The word effigy means an image or likeness)

  12. Bag of marbles (Archives Sampler Gallery)

  13. Powder Horn (2nd floor hall and Military Gallery)

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Alabama Department of Archives and History
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P.O. Box 300100
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Updated: September 18, 2008