Match the numbered names with the appropriate letters

___1. George Washington Carver___13. Jesse Owens
___2. Booker T. Washington___14. William J. "Willie" Mays
___3. Martin Luther King, Jr.___15. Henry "Hank" Aaron
___4. William C. "W.C." Handy___16. Joe Louis
___5. Alice Davis Coachman___17. Ozzie Newsome
___6. Leroy Robert "Satchel" Paige___18. Nat "King" Cole
___7. Nell Carter___19. Percy Sledge
___8. General Daniel "Chappie" James___20. Lionel Hampton
___9. Benjamin Sterling Turner___21. Fred (Carl) Carlton Lewis
___10. Evander Holyfield___22. Vivian Malone
___11. Dinah Washington___23. Alexis Herman
___12. Charles Barkley___24. Lionel Richie

  1. Born in Florence, Alabama, this man is known as the "Father of the Blues."
  2. From Westfield, Alabama, he was named "Baseball Player of the Decade" by Sporting News because of his home run record.
  3. Born in Mobile, he was known as the greatest baseball pitcher among the Negro Leagues.
  4. Scientist who produced his agricultural research at Tuskegee Institute and is best known for his work with the peanut.
  5. First African American to graduate from the University of Alabama; born in Mobile.
  6. Famous Montgomery-born singer, actor, and pianist from during the 1950's; daughter now is a famous pop singer.
  7. Alabama's first black congressman, elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1870; he lived in Selma.
  8. Broke world and Olympic records in the 1936 Berlin Games by winning four gold medals; considered to be America's greatest track star; born in Danville, Alabama.
  9. Tuskegee University graduate who became the first black four-star general in the history of the United States.

  10. Great educator who came from Virginia to establish a normal school for African Americans at Tuskegee in 1881; his Tuskegee campus residence "The Oaks" is operated today by the National Park Service.
  11. Born near LaFayette, Alabama, he was nicknamed the "Brown Bomber" for his 54 boxing career knockouts.
  12. From Tuscaloosa, Alabama, she was known as the "Queen of the Harlem Blues."
  13. Selected All-Pro in 1985, this former University of Alabama football star played with the Cleveland Browns.
  14. Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 for his non-violent leadership during the Civil Rights Movement in America; preacher in Montgomery.
  15. Born in Tuskegee, he was the lead singer of the group, The Commodores, whose members met at a Tuskegee University talent show; had the biggest selling Motown album in history.
  16. Birmingham-born actress best known for her role in the television series Gimmie a Break and as a 1978 Tony Award winner for the Broadway musical Ain't Misbehavin'.
  17. Became an immediate success with his 1966 number one pop and rhythm and blues single "When a Man Loves a Women"; born in Leighton, Alabama.
  18. This Mobile native is credited with hitting 755 regular season home runs, breaking previous home run records set by Willie Mays and Babe Ruth.
  19. Famous musician who left the Benny Goodman Quartet to organize the only black-owned orchestra during the 1940's; born in Louisville, Alabama.
  20. Former Tuskegee Institute student who was the first black woman to ever win an Olympic gold medal.
  21. This Mobile native became U.S. Secretary of Labor in 1997 under the Clinton-Gore administration.
  22. Boxing athlete from Atmore, Alabama, who won the bronze medal in the light heavyweight boxing match at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games.
  23. Birmingham-born Olympic star who participated in the Olympic Games in 1984, 1988 and 1992, and won the gold medal for the long jump each time.
  24. Basketball super star from Leeds, Alabama, who won the gold medal for men's basketball at the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992.


1.D. 2.J. 3.N. 4.A. 5.T. 6.C. 7.P. 8.I. 9.G. 10.V. 11.L. 12.X. 13.H. 14.B. 15.R. 16.K. 17.M. 18.F. 19.Q. 20.S. 21.W. 22.E. 23.U. 24.O.

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