Listing provided by Alabama Department of Tourism and Travel. The athletes are listed in order of year(s) they competed.
Each entry is in this order: name/medal/event(s)/year & place/connection to AL. If there is a city, it is the athlete's birthplace.
If a university is listed, the athlete attended school there. If both are listed, it is the athlete's birthplace and university attended.

Edwin Yancey Argo/gold/equestrian team 3-day/1932 Los Angeles/Hollins, AL

Percy Beard/silver/110 meter hurdles/1932 Los Angeles/Auburn University

David Donald Albritton/silver/high jump/1936 Berlin/Danville, AL

Jesse Owens/gold/100 meters;200 meters;4x100 meter relay;long jump/1936 Berlin/ Oakville, AL

Alice Coachman Davis/gold/high jump/1948 London/Tuskegee Institute

Jim Dillion/bronze/discus/1952 Helsinki/Auburn University

Otis Crandall Davis/gold/400 meters;1600 meter relay/1960/Tuscaloosa, AL

Willie Lee May/silver/110 meter hurdles/1960/Knoxville, AL

Joseph Brian Amlong/gold/eight oars with coxswain/1964/Haines, AL

Robin Backhaus/bronze/200 meter butterfly/1972 Munich/University of Alabama

James Ricardo Forbes/silver/men's basketball/1972 Munich/Ft. Rucker, AL

Jan Johnson/bronze/pole vault/1972 Munich/University of Alabama

Jack Babashoff/silver/100 meter freestyle/1976 Montreal/University of Alabama

Jennifer Chandler Jones/gold/3 meter spring board/1976 Montreal/Lincoln, AL

Willie D. Davenport/bronze/110 meter hurdles/1976 Montreal/Troy, AL
/gold/110 meter hurdles/1968 Mexico City

Bill Forrester/bronze/200 meter butterfly/1976 Montreal/Birmingham, AL & Auburn University

Harvey Glance/gold/4x100 meter relay/1976 Montreal/Phenix City, AL & Auburn University


Alonzo Babers/gold/400 meters;4x400 meter relay/1984 Los Angels/Montgomery, AL

Ambrose "Rowdy" Gaines/gold/100 meter freestyle;4x100 meter freestyle relay;
4x100 meter medley relay/1984 Los Angeles/Auburn Univesity

Evander Holyfield/bronze/light heavyweight boxing/1984 Los Angeles/Atmore, AL

Lillie Leatherwood/gold/4x400 meter relay/1984 Los Angeles/Northport, AL & University of Alabama

/silver/4x400 meter relay/1988 Seoul

Willie James Smith, III/gold/4x400 meter relay/1984 Los Angeles/ Homewood, AL & Auburn University

Sunder L. Nix/gold/1600 meter relay/1984 Los Angeles/Birmingham, AL

Calvin Smith/gold/4x100 meter relay/1984 Los Angeles/University of Alabama
/bronze/100 meters/1988 Seoul

Charles Barkley/gold/men's basketball/1992 Barcelona/Leeds, AL & Auburn University

Carolyn Jones/bronze/women's basketball/1992 Barcelona/Auburn University

Mark Edward Lenzi/gold/3 meter springboard/1992 Barcelona/Huntsville, AL

Fred (Carl) Carlton Lewis/gold/long jump;400 meter relay/1992 Barcelona/Birmingham, AL
/gold/long jump;100 meters/1988 Seoul
/silver/200 meters/1988 Seoul
/gold/long jump;100 meters;200 meters;400 meter relay/1984 Los Angeles

Jon Olsen/gold/400 meter freestyle relay;400 meter medley relay/bronze/800 meter freestyle relay/1992 Barcelona/Montgomery, AL & University of Alabama

Vickie Orr/bronze/women's basketball/1992 Barcelona/Decatur, AL & Auburn University

Ruthie Bolton/gold/womenís basketball/1996 Atlanta/Auburn University

Calvin Davis/bronze/menís 400 meter hurdles/1996 Atlanta/Hanceville, AL

John Hargis/gold/400 meter medley relay/1996 Atlanta/Auburn University

Mia Hamm/gold/womenís soccer/1996 Atlanta; silver/womenís soccer/2000 Sydney/Selma, AL

Angel Martino/gold/4x100 meter relay; 4x100 meter medley relay/bronze/ womenís 100 meter freestyle; 100 meter butterfly relay/1996 Atlanta/Tuscaloosa, AL

Jearl Miles-Clark/gold/4x400 relay/1996 Atlanta; gold/4x400 meter relay/ 2000 Sydney/Alabama A & M

Scott Tucker/gold/400 meter freestyle relay/1996 Atlanta; gold/4x100 meter freestyle relay/ 2000 Sydney/Auburn University

Sanjay Ayre/gold/4x400relay/2000 Sydney/Auburn University

Nancy Johnson/gold/womenís air rifle/2000 Sydney/Phenix City, AL

Antonio McDyess/gold/menís basketball/2000 Sydney/University of Alabama

Jon Rauch/gold/menís baseball/2000 Sydney/played for Birmingham Barons

Jerome Young/gold/4x400 meter relay/2000 Sydney/Hanceville, AL & George Wallace College

Tim Young/gold/baseball/2000 Sydney/University of Alabama

Vonetta Flowers/gold/womenís bobsled/2002 Salt Lake City/Helena, AL


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